Neuropson® - treatment for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

Are you suffering from psoriasis or neurodermatitis? Certainly you have already tried a broad range of treatment methods in order to curb the unsightly symptoms of your disease.

Often, during the treatment of psoriasis the symptoms may disappear for a short while. However, usually they will return all the worse.

The Neuropson® therapy can counteract the reappearance of psoriasis…

Neuropson Psoriasis and Neurodermatitis Skin Care Products

After 10 minutes the itching was completely gone

Dear Mr. Breunig, First thank you very much for the swift delivery. I applied the balm on a small area – wow great – after 10 minutes the itching was completely gone. After 2 days of the therapy 1/3 of the problem was gone. I’m happy therefore please find attached a few pictures which show the progress of the therapy.… Read more “After 10 minutes the itching was completely gone”

24. Apr 2017
Testimonial Neuropson Therapy